Porsche 550-Spyder “LITTLE BASTARD”


James Dean “LITTLE BASTARD” Porsche 550-Spyder Recreation

This beautiful “RECREATION” is faithful in every detail except for the items the owner specified to be changed to suit his needs and requirements. Every recreation or reproduction will start life as an exact copy of the original and be redesigned or “RECREATED’ according to buyer budget and requirements.

Model: 1955 Porsche 550 Spyder – Recreation body is aluminum with custom frame at additional cost

Specifications: Wheelbase 85″, Length 146″, Width 61″, Height 40″, Weigh 1,100 lbs.

Front Suspension: Upper + lower trailing arm torsion bars.

Rear Suspension: cross torsion bar height adjustable trailing arms.

Engine:  2,276 cc. Opposed-4 Air-cooled. [Dyno-tested at 180 horsepower].

Induction: Dual polished 45mm DELLORTO carbs [with built in velocity stacks]. HEX linkage. Owner requested Dellorto for better street-ability and ease for home tuning. These are fed by a CB PERFORMANCE high output electric fuel pump.


DEMELLO 8-dowel lightened counter weighted forged Chrome molly 84mm crankshaft.

Lightened and balanced flywheel.

Chrome molly cylinder studs.

HI-REV valve springs.

Big valve MoFoCo 050 ported and polished heads with competition lightweight high lift EMPI rockers and lifters.

WEB chrome molly high performance camshaft.

TEFLON BUTTONS Chrome molly push rods and valve seats.

CIMA 94 pistons.

Custom built High output JOE HUNT magneto.

The oil runs through a high capacity MAXI-3 aluminum oil pump and external Pass Tru-Coil oil cooler with an 9″ electric fan attached.

The exhaust flows through big tuned headers. The muffler is a semi-open stinger, [able to meet the decibel requirements at most tracks without excessively choking down the engine].

Starting is by a polished IMI High torque starter with a 680 cranking amp dry cell ODYSSEY battery.

The transmission, a professionally built swing axle with close ratio; 1st. + 2nd and KENNEDY HP clutches.

WP high strength racing gears, WP 3rd. + 4th. Also: [3.88 ring and pinion] is actuated by a short throw shifter.

SIMPSON five-point seat belts. and custom contoured bucket seats.

KONI adjustable competition shocks.

Brakes: Stopping power is supplied by; NEAL billeted drilled disk brakes.

Performance: 0-60 in 4.8 Seconds, Quarter mile: 12.2 @ 103 mph.

Maximum speed: 150 + mph.

PRICE: $210,000

NOTE: Cost would have been reduced $60,000 with our standard tube chassis and fiberglass bonded body.